Reports & Publications

August 2015: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Experimental proof of concept for a sustainable End of Life Tyres pyrolysis with energy and porous materials production

Authors: Antoniou N., Zabaniotou A.,

August 2014: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Activation of end of life tyres pyrolytic char for enhancing viability of pyrolysis – Critical review, analysis and recommendations for a hybrid dual system. 

Authors: N. Antonioua, G. Stavropoulosa & A.A. Zabaniotoua


August 2014: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Novel sorbent materials for environmental remediation via depolymerization of used tyres. 

Authors: A.A. Zabaniotoua, N. Antonioua & G. Stavropoulosa


August 2014: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Analysis of good practices, barriers and drivers for ELTs pyrolysis industrial application. 

Authors: Zabaniotou A., Antoniou N., Bruton G.


January 2013: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Features of an efficient and environmentally attractive used tyres pyrolysis with energy and material recovery 

Authors: N. Antoniou, A. Zabaniotou


September 2012: Peer Reviewed Paper published online

Potential application of pyrolysis for the effective valorisation of the end of life tires in Greece 

Authors: M.C. Samolada, A.A. Zabaniotou


July 2012: Thessaloniki, Greece International Conference on “Protection and Restoration of the Environment” – 3rd – 6th July 2012

DEPOTEC presented on “Challenges and Barriers for ELT”, see page 164 for the abstract.


June 2012: Kilkis, Greece Energy Management Seminar 2012 – Event Flyer 30th June 2012
DEPOTEC presented on “Useful Materials and Active Carbon Filters from ELT”. 


June 2012: Athens 2012 International Conference – Event Flyer 28th – 29th June 2012

DEPOTEC members in Greece participated in an International Conference whose primary goal was to promote research and development activities in the field of solid waste management at National and International level. 


October 2011: Aristotle University Chemical Engineering Department – Biomass Group Information Leaflet 

Dr Gillian Bruton and Dr Eamon McKeogh of DEPOTEC met with the Committee for the Environment of the Northern Irish Assembly on the 8th of December 2011 in Dublin, Ireland. The DEPOTEC project and its potential to provide a solution for the growing issue of tyre disposal were discussed.


October 2011: Aristotle University Chemical Engineering Department – Biomass Group Information Leaflet 

One of DEPOTEC’s partners, AUTh have an information leaflet for the Biomass Group which details their facilities, projects to date, research fields and co-operation with other institutes and research centers.


October 2011: CC Environmental Research Institute – Open Day Poster

The DEPOTEC project conducted an open day for interested parties to attend at the UCC Environmental Research Institute building in October 2011.- Download the open day poster here.



September 2011: DEPOTEC Funding Announcement

The DEPOTEC project was delighted to receive funding from the EU’s environment fund, LIFE+. Only one Irish project is to receive a grant under the latest round of LIFE+ funding. The DEPOTEC project submitted by Erneside Engineering Ltd in Cork will receive over €1.5 million towards the design, planning and construction of a demonstration ‘ZeroWaste’ plant for the depolymerisation of end-of-life tyres.