Project Timelines

Project Timeline
The DEPOPTEC project can be broken down into the following Timetable, Milestones and Deliverable Products;

DEPOTEC Project Timetable;

Number/Name of Action September IV I II III IV i II III IV i II III IV I II III IV
1/Project Management
2/Project Monitoring
and Audit
3/Identification of
Best Practise and Barriers
4/Design, Planning and
construction of Plant
5/Qualification and
Manufacture of Product
6/Product Validation
7/Networking and Exchange
8/ Dissemination and

DEPOTEC Project Milestones;

Name of the Milestone Code of the Associated Action Deadline
Nomination of the Project Manager 1 Month 1
Signing of the Partnership Agreement 1 Month 3
Project Monitoring and Audit System in Place 2 Month 6
Accessibility to Tyre Raw Material 3 Month 6
Networking and Exchange System Agreed and in place 7 Month 6
Dissemination and Communication System Agreed and in place 8 Month 6
Engage with the European Committee for Standardization and European Tyre Recycling Association on a formal basis. 6 Month 7
Best Practise and Barriers Identified associated with Depolymerisation 3 Month 12
Legal and Site Acquisition 4 Month 12
Local Authority and Environmental Approval 4 Month 18
Detailed Design 4 Month 30
Equipment Manufacture 4 Month 32
Install and Plant Qual 4 Month 37
Product Qual 5 Month 40
Product Validation 6 Month 42
Final Report 6 Month 49

DEPOTEC Deliverable Products;

Name of the Deliverable Code of the Associated Action Deadline
Best Known Methods and Barriers Identified for Depolymerization Process Click here for the report summary 3 Month 12
Best Known Methods for Activation of carbon products – Click here for the report summary 5 Month 12
Life Cycle Analysis Database Developed 3 Month 16
Design of Plant – Click here for the latest update 4 Month 22
Construction of Plant – Click here for the latest update 4 Month 37
Qualified Depolymerisation Process with ‘Zero Waste’ 5 Month 40


Innovative Depolymerisation Technology with Energy Optimization Techniques 5 Month 40
Economically Viable Depolymerisation Technology 5 Month 40
Carbon filler product 5 Month 42
Unique Active Carbon product 5 Month 42
Recommendations made towards the development of Policy and Legislature for materials produced from end of life tyres. 6 Month 44
Notice Boards, Layman’s Report and After LIFE Communication Plan 8 Month 46