Project Deliverables
DEPOTEC’s key deliverables are:

  • Project Management – The DEPOTEC project will be professionally managed as the partner companies have extensive experience and systems in place to liaise with the LIFE+ office and ensure that all items are delivered on schedule and within budget.
  • Project Monitoring and Audit – On-going monitoring of project processes and outputs will be employed and reviewed regularly.
  • Identification of Best Practice and Barriers – Detailed investigations will be completed to ensure best practice is incorporated into all aspects of the project, including the design, installation of equipment, manufacture of product, valorisation and validation of product, etc. It is crucial to ensure that barriers are identified upfront and that solutions are identified in order to ensure the overall success of both the project and the products developed.
  • Design Planning and Construction of Plant – Design, planning and construction of the prototype facility will be carried out in conjunction with all the relevant government organizations and stakeholders.
  • Qualification and Manufacture of Product – When equipment and plant certification has been completed, tyres will be introduced onto the site for processing through the depolymerisation chamber. Click here for a photo showing samples of the pyrolysis product.
  • Product Validation – Recycled tyre material such as those produced from granules are readily available in good supply in Europe and have been demonstrated to not pose a threat to the environment or human health. One of the objectives of this project is to test the new innovative products against the newly developed standardization procedures. This will be done by DEPOTEC interacting early in the project with the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA).
  • Networking and Exchange – The aim of the networking will be to make contact with other LIFE projects that are covering or have covered projects on waste tyres and other projects with similar objectives. DEPOTEC will then incorporate best known methods and practices into design, implementation and manufacturing of value added product.
  • Dissemination and Communication – An active networking and dissemination campaign will be agreed and implemented, focused on our project website ( and an electronic brochure which will be downloadable.