DEPOTEC publishes a paper in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Januray 2013

The paper is entitled “Features of an efficient and environmentally attractive used tyres pyrolysis with energy and material recovery”, N. Antoniou, A. Zabaniotou, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 20 (2013) 539–558. 

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews publishes specially commissioned review articles designed to bring together under one cover, current advances in the ever broadening field of renewable and sustainable energy. 


ETRA Conference 21st – 23rd March 2012 Brussels

DEPOTEC was delighted to have two speakers at the ETRA Conference 21st – 23rd March 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. This year, the conference focused on Responsibility and Innovation: Sustainable Products – New Markets.

Dr. Gillian Bruton gave a presentation titled “DEPOTEC Update – ETRA Conference March 2012".


Dr. Anastasia Zabaniotou gave a presentation titled “Activated Carbon from Tyre Pyrolysis – ETRA Conference March 2012”.


Northern Ireland Assembly Meeting 8th December 2011 Dublin

Dr. Gillian Bruton and Dr. Eamon McKeogh of DEPOTEC met with the Committee for the Environment of the Northern Irish Assembly on the 8th of December 2011 in Dublin, Ireland. The DEPOTEC project and its potential to provide a solution for the growing issue of tyre disposal were discussed which was of huge interest to the NI committee for the environment owing to their problems with waste tyres